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A Family Tradition Is Born

As all of us in the Steelers Realm embark on our Steelers journey in life. It’s nice to go back in time and reminisce on how it all started. In my journey it all starts with someone that I hold very near and dear to me and 5 dollars.

That person is my dad. He never pressured me into being a Steelers fan. However, I knew that if dad liked them, they must be pretty awesome. That 90’s Steelers jacket was forever etched into my memory. As I got older, he continued to feed into my fandom with hand me down jerseys. Of all the life lessons and guidance my father instilled in me, this is the one that was the easiest to achieve. I was being a boy that wanted to be just like dad.

Then one day at the grocery store in 1996 and 5 dollars burning a hole in my pocket. Dad let me buy an Upper Deck Collectors Choice team set. As soon as I got home I ripped that puppy open to see all the players of that year. I had to pick my favorite Steeler to emulate in the front yard and on the playground at school. I finally found that player and he wore the number 10.

That player was Kordell “slash” Stewart. I wanted to grow up to be just like him. I attached myself to him as I watched him on Sundays and cried when we couldn’t pull it out against the patriots in the playoffs in 2001. Though the arm strength persevered through puberty, the speed took a back seat for my dream to be the next slash.

To this day I still have that upper deck card and many more Kordell sports cards. I hold a special place in my heart for Kordell as my quarterback and adding to the love of the Steelers that my dad started me on at a young age. Thank you, dad, for allowing me to follow in your footsteps. Without you, I may have been a miserable Browns fan. Thank you for starting a family tradition to pass onto my little ones! Love you pops!!!

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