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Is Saint Vincent College the Right Place for Steelers Training Camp This Year?

In just 19 days, the Pittsburgh Steelers will report to Saint Vincent College in Latrobe for the first time since 2019. You might remember the last time that the Steelers were in Latrobe, they suffered a tragedy in the passing of WR coach Daryl Drake. In the past two years, due to covid, the Steelers have held their training camps in Pittsburgh and allowed open practices to the fans. With the return to Latrobe imminent, just how important is having camp in Latrobe? Let me tell you it is huge in 2022 not only for the fans but the team itself.

If you’ve gone to college, probably one of the most uncomfortable and happiest days of your life was when your parents finished helping you unpack and left you there and you’re wondering, “am I going to like these people that I’m going to have to live with and the others all around me.” More likely than not, it ended up working out… I hope! I think for many, who have experienced this, they would say that some of their best friends that they had in college came from those first few weeks. I was lucky enough to know of my roommate but not fully know who he was or what he liked; we were kind of lucky as we played a sport and kinda knew a few other incoming freshmen there. Much like what we are going to see with this year's version of the Pittsburgh Steelers with a new quarterback fully running the show since Tommy “Gun” Maddox.

My roommate, the second his parents left, he grabbed life by the horns and told me he snuck two cases of Busch Light and told me we gotta get these in the fridge ASAP. While those got nice and cold we walked around and talked to the people in our dorm. My roommate and I got to meet the volleyball girls that lived next door that first day and we became friends that I still talk to eight years later. As the day went on, we went and found our incoming teammates, introduced ourselves and hung out. There was seven of us in total. All from different backgrounds, hometowns, experiences and what we were supposed to be able to add to this team. We all know that some of us are getting more scholarship money than others and are expected to make an impact earlier, others got $500 and just hoping to scrape by and develop. None of that mattered though, we were there apart of a team that was expected to win and compete. By 9pm that first night my roommate and I had about 15 people in a 400 square foot dorm room drinking beers, listening to music, and just shooting the shit learning about each other. To this day 6 outta 15 of those have gotten married and none of the 15 have missed one of them.

What I want to know during this Pittsburgh Steelers training camp who is going to take the bull by the horns and get this team in one of those Saint Vincent College dorm room; which by the way is a whole heck of a lot easier than if training camp was in Pittsburgh and everyone is going back to their homes. There is so many new faces on the offense they don’t have to become best friends but they need to learn how to communicate with each other, how to handle adversity together and more importantly what makes everyone on this team click. I’m selfishly as a fan happy to be heading back to Latrobe to watch camp. It’s a great experience one that you don’t get when it is in Pittsburgh. As Mike Tomlin said you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable. I’m sure those dorm rooms aren’t as comfortable as the apartments on the southside; but gosh darnit some of the greatest sacrifices come with the greatest rewards.

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