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Heinz Field to be Renamed Acrisure Stadium

For 21 years, all Steelers Fans have accepted when they are going to Heinz Field. That no longer will be the case. When the football stadium was built, the Kraft-Heinz corporation signed a 20-year contract giving them the naming rights. Then last year signed a one-year agreement to extend that deal.

According to The Fans Andrew Fillipponi, Kraft-Heinz has passed on the deal and will no longer have the stadium naming rights moving forward. I wonder just how soon someone will be taking the ketchup bottles off the scoreboard.

According to ProFootballTalk, Kraft-Heinz paid 57 million over the 20-year agreement for an annual average of 2.85 million.

Earlier today, it was leaked that Heinz Field will now be named Acrisure Stadium. Acrisure is a Michigan based insurance brokerage firm. The official announcement could come as soon as Tuesday.

Acrisure describes itself as, "A global fintech leader, Acrisure provides customers with intelligence-driven financial service solutions for insurance, reinsurance, real estate services, cyber services and asset and wealth management."

Acrisure is no stranger to naming rights for stadium and arenas as they already hold naming rights for a small stadium in California.

This is the first time in team history that they have had a stadiums name change without actually physically moving to a new stadium.

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