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Official NFL Predictions

With the Pittsburgh Steelers reporting to Saint Vincent College just a week away, I thought today would be a great day to release my official predictions for the upcoming NFL Season. By the way, the NFL season cannot come soon enough. All golf Majors have been completed, the Pittsburgh Pirates continue to play veterans who will not be here when and if they ever compete again. Then we have the ESPYs and I think that we can all agree that it has become hot garbage. Anyway, back to what matters: Every major award, every regular season record along with some fun NFL Playoff predictions. I would suggest taking these predictions as the gospel, I would definitely take out a second mortgage on your home and run down to the Rivers Casino to get your bets in.


Rams: 12-5

49ers: 10-7

Cardinals: 8-9

Seahawks: 5-12

Prediction/Analysis: There will be no Superbowl hangover for the defending champion Rams. They have the best QB in the division with Matt Stafford and will continue to have the best overall player in the league in Aaron Donald. I really expect the 49ers to take a step forward with a young QB. I’m very low on the Cardinals especially with Hopkins serving a suspension to start the year. If you remember last year when he was out the Cardinals took a huge step back. I see no hope for the Seahawks and honestly gave them five wins only because of Pete Carrol. The Seahawks will certainly be looking for a QB in next year's draft.


Cowboys: 13-4

Eagles: 9-8


Giants: 4-13

Prediction/Analysis: I think the Cowboys are by far the best team in the division. They have talent everywhere they look. Normally I would never choose a Cowboys team to rack up this many wins. However, they play six games against Jalen Hurts, Carson Wentz and Daniel Jones… If Jones even makes it that long for the second game. The Eagles are an interesting team to me, they have the weapons now, but Hurts has never shown in his career to be a consistent starting NFL QB. Ron Rivera is the most overrated head coach of all time. In his 11 seasons as a Commander of a team he has exactly three winning seasons. The Giants have zero hope until they can figure out the QB position. I expect them to tank all season for a QB in the next draft.


Packers: 12-5

Vikings: 9-8

Lions: 7-10

Bears: 7-10

Prediction/Analysis: Death, Taxes and the Packers winning what lately has been a down division. I believe Aaron will put up big numbers like he always does but don’t see them being able to compete with the elite of the elite of the NFC. The Vikings with Cousins will always be good but just never good enough. I like the direction that the Lions are headed and believe they are a QB away honestly. The Bears are still young, and I think we are going to see a nice step forward from second year QB Justin Fields.


Buccaneers: 12-5

Saints: 9-8

Panthers: 7-10

Falcons: 6-11

Prediction/Analysis: Tom Brady is back, and Sean Payton is gone. Factor in the Falcons and Panthers rebuilding it will be easy sledding for the father of time. The Saints are a hard team to get a read on. Winston looked good in his limited time last year with Payton but now that he is gone, will he revert to his time in Tampa. Panthers head coach Matt Rhule is on a hotter seat than a metal slide sitting in the desert. This is a make or break it year for Rhule who has hitched his wagon to Baker Mayfield. Last person who did that got laughed out of Pittsburgh... Yes, I’m looking at you Freddie Kitchens. The Falcons will be fun to watch once Desmond Ridder starts playing. Until then BORING.


Chiefs: 11-6

Chargers: 10-7

Broncos: 10-7

Raiders: 8-9

Prediction/Analysis: Talk about an absolute wagon of a division. I’m not a Derek Carr fan but when he's the fourth best QB in the division you know you're in for a dog fight between these teams. The Chiefs are going to have to make an adjustment with the loss of Tyreek Hill. I would have liked to pick the Chargers to win the division but then again, they are the Chargers and always find a way to blow something. The Broncos I like and are going to be a very explosive team this year. The Raiders are sadly the odd man out when it comes to the playoffs hear just because I don’t like the offense as much as the other three teams.


Bills: 13-4

Patriots: 10-7

Jets: 6-11

Dolphins: 6-11

Prediction/Analysis: There is a lot of hype around this Dolphins franchise. I just don’t buy it. Tua seems like a very nice young man but at the end of the day he is not a franchise QB in the NFL. Yes, Tyreek Hill will help him but even when the Dolphins were winning games last year, they had to bring in the closer in Fitzmagic to get it done. The Dolphins are about to take a big step back and wish they kept Brian Flores as their head coach. Josh Allen is simply too good; I’ll be interested though to see what happens to their offense with Brian Dabol gone. I’ll never bet against the Hoodie, and I really like Mac Jones. I expect them to be in the hunt for a wild card spot late into the season. You know your franchise is in shambles when the biggest offseason story produced is your young QB has slept with a woman twice his age and we will leave that at that.


Colts: 10-7

Titans: 8-9

Jaguars: 6-11

Texans: 6-11

Prediction/Analysis: The Colts are still the team to beat in this division. I love Matt Ryan and think that he turns the clock back and feels rejuvenated to be in the Blue and White. He will greatly benefit from an improved run game compared to whatever the heck the Falcons had last year. The Titans are an interesting case, much of what they do hinges around Henry. Age and carries will eventually take its toll and I believe that this is the year for that. The Jags I expect to take a big leap forward with a real NFL head coach compared to THAT guy last year. The Texans, well, I just can’t believe that Lovie Smith is an NFL head coach again after his stellar performance at Illinois tallying a record of 17-39.


Ravens: 10-7

Steelers: 9-8

Bengals: 9-8

Browns: 5-12

Prediction/Analysis: Another year and another close dog fight to be Kings of the North. First off let's get something out of the way early. The Bengals are the reigning AFC Champions. Congrats to them for that. Usually when a young team has success, its hard for them to repeat it. I expect them to take a step back for this year only. I give the Ravens the nod to the division crown because they have a dynamic QB and will always have a solid run game which matters late in the year. Pittsburgh is going to have the best defense in the division but with a tough schedule to start and question marks at QB and WR to start the season I can’t see them racking up enough wins to make the playoffs. I’m tired of talking about the Browns but only would the Browns upset their only QB to win a playoff game since I was born and turn that into starting Jacoby Brissett.


AFC Championship: Bills Defeat Chargers

NFC Championship: Packers Defeat Cowboys

Super Bowl Champions: Bills

Super Bowl MVP: Josh Allen

Regular Season Award Predictions:

MVP: Dak Prescott

DPOY: Nick Bosa

CPOY: Christian McCaffrey

OROY: Chris Olave

DROY: Kayvon Thibodeaux

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