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Where the Rubber Meets the Road

That’s how the old saying goes right? I don’t know I just remember my father telling me and my brother that when we thought we were the shit smacking fuckin dinngers after dinngers in the backyard taking BP.

“When your in the box on Sunday and Donny’s little fuck head son is zinging em at ya high and inside we’ll see how big those balls of yours are…that’s where the rubber meets the road buddy”

For those of which that don’t already know this age old yinzer saying, basically it translates to this:

A theory or idea that is put to the test to see if it actually works


When things become serious

For all the tik-tok fuck heads that might be reading this and still can’t comprehend it:

When shit gets fucking real

Donny Jr. struck me and my brother out a combined 5 times that Sunday. Our father was the least bit surprised.

The same could be said for any Steelers fan this year following our first-round exit. Were you really surprised when Baker joined the likes of David Garrard, Joey Flacco, Blake Bortles, and newly retired from AA baseball Timmy Fuckin Tebow?

This offseason and really these next couple of weeks are going to be a pivotal time in our storied franchises history.

Do we make the tough decisions?

Do be proactive instead of reactive?

Do we continue to drag our dicks in the mud?

Lots of question marks. For Colbert, Tomlin, and hell even god damn Arty Jr. this is where the rubber meets the road.

- NJ Dev

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